A summer dessert typical of Sicilian pastry is the brioche with ice cream, the irresistible combination will win you over at the first bite. In Catania and surroundings you will find a particularity, the famous “tuppo” on the brioche, a round portion of extra dough placed as a cover that makes the experience particularly greedy (try to believe!)

When it comes to salted, in Palermo you can not miss the soup of Tenerumi, a light and fresh dish. Even if you are not fond of soups, we assure you: you will not regret tasting this exceptional soup! It is a dish prepared with the tender leaves of Sicilian zucchini, expertly cooked with cherry tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables along with broken spaghetti, oil and pepper: a real comfort-food!

Moving to Trapani, taste the famous cous-cous alla trapanese, so you will taste all the flavor of fish and fresh local shellfish in a traditional recipe from ancient tradition, prepared in a special pot, the cuscussiera. n Trapani you can also find other variations of the cous-cous recipe, all excellent and to try.

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