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Clarent is a company that has developed its car rental business, initiated in 1982 in the Giardini Naxos – Taormina area. The interest in new market opportunities materialized in the establishment of branches at Catania and Palermo airports, where Clarent is present with a second car rental branch near the port, and a series of delivery points at important tourist destinations such as Taormina and Giardini Naxos. The last two car rental branches born in Milan, one at Linate airport and one near Central Station, give Clarent a national dimension.


Here's where you find Clarent
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in the short term in Milan like in Sicily


In Milan, as in Sicily, Clarent is ready to receive and meet every need regarding car rentals for vacations or business purposes: take note, plan your trip, and remember that you can pick up and drop off your vehicle at any other branch or delivery point at reduced rates.

Airport Linate, branch:

The Linate Airport, near which Clarent provides its car rental services, is the oldest and the second busiest airport in Italy, located 7 km from the center of Milan. It is a city airport, easily accessible by metro, bus, or taxi. The airport offers national and international flights to over 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In New Linate Parking
Via Forlanini 123

Central Station, branch:

Milan’s Central Station, where you can access Clarent’s car rental services in the vicinity, is the main railway station in the city, located approximately 3 km from the Duomo. It is the second busiest station in Italy, with over 320,000 passengers per day. The station was built in neoclassical style and is one of the largest in Europe.

Piazza della Repubblica 32


Catania in over 2,700 years of history has passed through many eras of great grandeur which is still seen in many villages today. Its Baroque churches and numerous historical buildings, declared a World Heritage area by UNESCO, makes it unique, and the coast land with its cliffs and sandy beaches only enhances its beauty. There is no shortage of excellent food and wine, and only a short distance away lies Mount Etna with its scenic landscape and the Park of Etna, a lush environment full of colours and fragrances.

Airport, office:

The airport of Catania-Fontanarossa “Vincenzo Bellini”, which hosts the Clarent office, is modern and operational and is the most important in Southern Italy for number of passengers and second for domestic traffic.

Via Fontanarossa, 20


Palermo, capital of Sicily, stands out for its numerous historical buildings, like the cathedral and numerous churches, The Theatre Massimo, the Palace of the Normans and the Palatina chapel. Characteristic and full of life, the crowded and typical street markets of Ballarò and Vucciria. The city is also noted and loved for the delicacy of its food and wines.

Port, office:

The Port of Palermo, where you will find a Clarent office, is one of the biggest in the Mediterranean regarding passenger traffic and for its size and is one of the most beautiful natural ports in Europe.

Via Mariano Stabile 4

Airport, delivery point:

Falcone and Borsellino International Airport of Palermo – Punta Raisi, where you will find a Clarent delivery point, is the second airport in the south of Italy for number of passengers and in 2021 was classified 5th place for passenger travel among all the Italian airports.

Valle Cera Car Park, Via Valle Cera 13, Villa Grazia di Carini


Founded by Greek settlers, loved by writers and famous artists of the past, and for decades an international tourist centre, Taormina captivates with its narrow streets, natural beauty, its sea with the beautiful Isola Bella, palaces, monuments and historical places, among which stands out the magnificent ancient Greek Theatre.

Delivery point:

Via Apollo Arcageta, 12

Giardini Naxos

Founded by the Greeks it was an old fishing village until half a century ago. Thanks to its beaches and facing onto a splendid bay, Giardini Naxos is nowadays a very popular tourist destination. The extensive town goes along the seafront and passes historic squares and streets.

Delivery point:

Via Dalmazia, 8

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